Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don Byrd and Chris Piuma

Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 2pm

The Gallery at R&F Handmade Paints
84 Ten Broeck Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401

A $5 donation is suggested.

For directions please visit R&F’s website at

Don Byrd lives in Albany, NY, and teaches at the State University. His publications include Aesop's Garden, Charles Olson's Maximus, Technics of Travel, The Great Dime Store Centennial, and The Poetics of the Common Knowledge. In the mid-1990s, having decided that something had gone terribly wrong, and for the most part, quit publishing. He has been working intently on a writing of ambiguous genre during these many years. It is entitled "Abstraction." It is now nearing completion. Thousands of pages have been written and most of them filed away, some on electronic media that would now be hard access.

Chris Piuma is thinking about nouniness. Chris Piuma has had a few chapbooks published, but they're out of print, so you can't have any. Chris Piuma wishes it weren't so hot out. Chris Piuma just added a new post on his poety blog, Buggeryville, at: Chris Piuma is accustomed to the third person. Chris Piuma and how grammar enables affective connections with the dead. Chris Piuma misses Portland and co-organizing the Spare Room poetry series, but enjoys Toronto and grad school. Chris Piuma is learning yet another language! Chris Piuma remembers when life provided cocktail party anecdotes, but now it's all Facebook status updates.

In the Gallery at R&F:

Russell Thurston's show Deus Ex Machina, August 1st -September 19th, 2009. Thurston describes his painting process as a journey without a map. He considers every painting an experiment, and also a collaboration between his own ideas and the perceived will of the painting. At times unsure what direction the work will take, Thurston accepts that in this process, accidents often happen. Parts get covered up; hidden, then scraped off; perhaps revealing something new. The beeswax medium moves in unexpected ways. Thus, working like a scientist, the artist uses the process of painting to better understand the nature of things.

Thurston’s latest mixed-media and encaustic work combines roofing tar and other building materials such as foil tape, nylon mesh and tar paper. He in interested in endowing these materials with a beauty and aesthetic resonance that transcends their functionality.

Russell Thurston was born in Norman, Oklahoma and grew up in Southern California. He received a B.F.A. from California State University, Fullerton, and an M.F.A. from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Russell has worked as freelance illustrator & photographer for 20 years. The artist currently lives in Santa Fe with his wife, Gretchen, a freelance writer, and their son, Max. Thurston’s’ work is represented in Santa Fe at Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, and in Chicago at wag artworks.


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