Monday, April 23, 2007

Geof Huth and Susan McKechnie

May 12, 2007 at 2pm
The Gallery at R&F Handmade Paints
84 Ten Broeck Avenue
Kingston, NY

A $5 donation is suggested.

For directions please visit R&F’s website at

Geof Huth is an American who has lived on most continents on earth (but not Australia). Over the years, he has created visual and other poems in a wide variety of formats: lineated verse, prose, paintings, drawings, and films. He has been published in venues as diverse as The American Poetry Review, Dreams and Nightmares, Kalligram, Lost and Found Times, Modern Haiku, La Poire D'Angoisse, Prakalpana Literature, ZYX , and atop bandaids. His chapbooks include Analphabet, The Dreams of the Fishwife, ghostlight, Peristyle, To a Small Stream of Water (or Ditch), and wreadings. Huth recently edited &2: an/thology of pwoermds, the first-ever anthology of one-word poems. Next up is his chapbook of visual poems, Out of Character, from Paper Kite Press. He writes almost daily on visual poetry at his blog dbqp: visualizing poetics.

Check out Geof's work at:

Susan McKechnie has been writing and reading in the Hudson Valley for the past twenty years. She was the assistant editor of Hunger Magazine, and has been published in Arson, Heaven Bone, and Long Shot, among others. Her chapbook The Sailor Poems was published by Hunger Press in 2000. She currently lives in New Paltz, NY, where she writes, studies piano and raises orchids.

See Susan's work at:

In the Gallery at R&F until May 26, 2007:

What is it that drives artists to persist in rendering the world around them in paint, despite the rise of photography, which is a more accurate, and far easier way to record exterior reality? The exhibition Get Real brings together a group of artists who are enamored with landscape, still life and figure study, but who also impart something new into the standard formulas instead of just recalling a heroic past. By doing this, they're creating uniquely contemporary works that broaden the conversation around representational art. Featuring: Lea Bozman (Rosendale, NY), Matt Duffin (Nevada City, CA), Kevin Frank (New York, NY), Tom Sarrantonio (Rosendale, NY), Wayne Montecalvo (Rosendale, NY), and Margaret Crenson (Pleasant Valley, NY).

Matt Duffin’s surreal monochromatic painting, "Billboard Blinders", explores the themes of solitude and irony, dwelling in the realm of dark recesses and stark contrasts. Lea Bozman’s series of portraits, "The Iron Oxide Blues", focuses tenderly on family relationships while exploring the historical significance and chemical makeup of Prussian Blue, a beautiful color with a tainted past.

Tom Sarrantonio’s large-scale landscape, "Transition", reflects the artists desire to mediate between inner life and outer world, capturing perceptual experiences that are sensual and transitory. Margaret Crenson paints the roads and fields that abound throughout the Hudson Valley, using photography, memory and imagination to bring a sense of expressionism to her representational works.

Kevin Frank takes a historical approach to encaustic painting in his "Cubist Still Life", which was created using a traditional Greek palette consisting of only four colors - mars yellow, mars red, white and black. Wayne Montecalvo takes a more modern approach to painting technology in his series of "Anonymous Mugshots", creating paint-by-numbers style portraits that are derived from digital photographs.


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